School Admissions & Appeals

We are pleased to be partners in a website that helps parents decide if their children will get into Hertfordshire schools. We are really excited about SchoolGuru as we've been on the telly, in national and local newpapers, on the wireless and have won backing from the Cabinet Office!

There are 2 core components to the SchoolGuru Hertfordshire system - admissions & appeals:


We have developed an 'Admission Calculator' that will gauge your child's chances of getting into a Herts school, based on official data. You can see which schools you've got a realistic chance of getting into, by using the Calculator. You can find out more by visiting Hertfordshire school admissions. You can also use the Admission Calculator to help you decide where to move to in Herts.

We have also written a Hertfordshire school appeals guide book, which can be purchased and downloaded off the website. A third of all parents will win their school appeal - so it's well worth a shot!

Other school websites

We also run a website for Schools Management Support Ltd. This company ia an education finance and business management consultancy services for maintained schools, academies and free schools.