About Us

Set for the Net was founded in 1999 by Martin Wilkie and Nick Sugden. Emerging from backgrounds in art & design and computer programming and with almost 40 years experience between them, it proved a perfect combination for a successful Internet design and development company.

Our services were quickly snapped up by leading Soho creative agency ADP, working with Blue Chip clients such as Reuters, Elan, JP Morgan and BT.

Since then we have enjoyed working on projects for varied companies including Corney & Barrow wine bars, Guy's Hospital, a number of leading charities, BPO Group and Heritage Property Group. We have recently won a number of awards including funding from the Cabinet Office for our ground-breaking web application SchoolGuru admissions & appeals

Due to the wide variety of disciplines the electronic age has demanded, when necessary we utilise the services of established freelancers, selecting each according to their specialisation and the particular job requirement. This formula 'The right man for the right job' has proven successful and is the main reason for our extremely competitive, cost-effective rates. We have been working with the same team since we started all those years ago.

Our direction has changed slightly since then. We now direct our efforts towards small businesses and business groups and even run a number of web based businesses ourselves.

The Team

Martin Wilkie - Design & Development

Martin is a website pro and search engine specialist. After 18 years of service at ADP, a top Soho design studio, he established a web development business, Set for the Net. Clients include BT, Reuters and JPMorgan investment bank. He runs a number of enterprises with business partner Nick Sugden (see below). Martin is an expert in search engine optimisation, which he describes as “the technical art of getting your website seen by lots of the right sort of people”. He’s also the proud dad of Harvey, eleven (a budding GoogleGuru) and Maisie, nine (who wants to do what her mum does). In his spare time, Martin studies Art Deco ceramics and runs a vast network of antiques and collecting websites. He also likes playing badminton and reading books of an esoteric nature.

Nick Sugden - Software developer

It’s rumoured that Nick is half-man, half-computer – and frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised. His computer and mathematical capabilities were apparent at school, where he also showed entrepreneurial flair, charging classmates 10p per homework assignment. Later on, Nick set up an internet software development company, Just Say Net, and he has devised mainframe and web solutions for a high-street bank and other well-known businesses. He’s got four children: Lara, James, Lukas and Matthew. As well as looking after the growing Sugden clan with wife Christina, Nick still finds time to dabble in developing pioneering software applications. In his leisure time, he enjoys Dr Who, eating cake and “messing around with mathematical and logical concepts”. Now do you see what we mean about being half-computer?

Catherine Bassindale - Copywriter

As a copywriter, Catherine Bassindale works with the client to ensure that the tone of voice reflects and enhances the brand. She has written extensively for Barts and the London NHS Trust, edited a report for the Cabinet Office and created editorial for websites including SchoolGuruHertfordshire.co.uk, BartsandTheLondonCharity.org.uk and Optics Direct. Her background is in journalism, working for newspapers and magazines including the Evening Standard, The Independent and Best magazine. She enjoys writing about everything from contact lens solution to school appeals, and builds keywords into her text to help with search engine optimisation. She likes to pretend that she still hangs out on Brick Lane, although the truth is that she's lived in suburban St Albans, with her partner and two children, for the past six years.